Paths to cost-optimised maintenance

Maintenance is an investment in your building that pays dividends, and should be understood as an essential part of value creation. We have made it our business to see to it that such an investment really pays off for you. We support you in designing your building cost-efficient, sustainable and resource-conserving.

To this effect, we tackle for instance the issue of optimising surfaces in a way that will make it possible to stretch the periodicity of maintenance, or the maintenance-friendly positioning of access-dependent technical facilities, as we have long since learnt that any building, by its very nature, already offers countless possibilities for optimising its maintenance. Just as decisive is of course the planning of operating processes, and the elaboration of operation schedules for the access systems needed, or the meticulous sequence planning of a given maintenance measure with the objective of making optimum use of an allocated time slot.

Solely a holistic consideration of the entire range of components resulting from architectural and building-induced conditions, operating requirements, maintenance needs, and the functionalities of the technical systems can bring about maximum efficiency. The fact that this approach allows one to cut the maintenance expenses down by over 50% is no surprise to us.

  • Economic studies
  • Analysis of cost effectiveness