Due to its asymmetrical geometry, the great many façade sections along with the complex roof bearing structure including numerous technical facilities arranged therein, this sophisticated building calls for a consistent, detailed thought out access and maintenance concept. The restricted time frames allocated to the performance of the maintenance operations, along with the most demanding cleanliness standards to be met require the operating sequences and procedures to comply with the utmost accuracy.

In parallel to conducting the preliminary design and basic engineering, we determined the scope of maintenance work likely to be required and analyzed the resulting requirements. Our engineers also developed clear organizational structures for maintenance procedures. The results were respectively taken into consideration in the access system design as well as in the engineering of the building services (MEP) equipment. This is the method to be applied for successfully developing a conclusive access and maintenance concept, capable of retaining the prestigious character of this building, despite the difficult access situations and complex maintenance structures.

Bayrische Motorenwerke
coop himmelb(l)au
73.000 m²
Project kick-off
Services Provided
basic evaluation, preliminary design, basic engineering, maintenance concept and cost-efficiency analyses