The Foundatoin Louis Vuitton was designed by the architect Frank Gehry in behalf of Bernard Arnault. This unique building with his complex structure is used as a private museum and auditorium for contemporary art.

The building is composed of three structural components: the „icebergs“(iceberg-like designed solids made of ductal) and the glazing form the structural core of the building. This basic structure is covered with glass sails shaped like clouds, which reflect the surrounding park landscape.

The extremely complex geometry of the building required the development and engineering of access solutions so as not to impair the first-class appearance of the building design and also to ensure the accessibility of all facades and technical equipment. To be able to successfully accomplish this task, we, starting at the earliest stage of the project, had to take all necessary steps providing for intensive coordination with the teams in charge of the structural engineering, the façade design and the architects.

With a view to the numerous and varied tasks involved and the methodical utilization of the various access techniques, the maintenance to be performed upon completion of this building raised a particular challenge. To this end, we are currently developing for this building a specific maintenance program (ZIM), which concatenates each of the areas and equipment items in need of maintenance with the provisions, periodicities and access techniques defined.

This maintenance program (ZIM) will enable the owner to carry out a well-structured and methodical maintenance while taking full advantage of all saving potentials and synergy effects.

We was awarded from the ICPMA and DVP at the 21st of November 2015 with the Award IQ for our work on this project and the development of the access and maintenance management system (ZIM).

The ICPMA and DVP honor international construction projects which set industry standards with regard to the planning process, highly professional realization, and the latest aspects of sustainability.

TAW wins the IQ-Award 2016 in cooperation with Louis Vuitton

Fondation Louis Vuitton pour la Création
Frank O. Gehry
13.751 m²
Project kick-off
October 2014
Services provided
basic evaluation, preliminary design, basic engineering, detail engineering, coordination with the French authorising bodies, functional bidding, Access & Maintenance Management (ZIM) / development and set-up of a maintenance program.